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Quality Window hospitals

Quality Window Maastricht UMC + azM Hospitals in the Netherlands want to be open about their quality of care. Therefore they have jointly developed the Quality Window. The window gives patients and others interested in understanding issues that say something about the quality of the hospital and the patient experience with the hospital. Check out the details of the Maastricht UMC + .

The Quality Window shows the overall quality of a hospital on ten topics, including patient experience, the work of doctors, employee satisfaction and quality marks. What works well and what could be better? The Quality Window was developed by hospitals to disclose their Quality Window is how a hospital scores. The score is expressed as a number, percentage or number. This score is similar to a previous score of the hospital, with a national standard or with other hospitals in the Netherlands. Depart the score of the hospital this off? Then puts the hospital in an explanation of why. The Quality Window says nothing directly about the quality of individual treatment. On this subject can be a patient's own doctor or nurse, or talk with another person from the hospital.

The Quality Window was developed by hospitals in the Netherlands and the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ), in collaboration with research SIRM, patients and experts.